Monday, April 14, 2014

Traveling Throughout Germany

Hi guys!

As Germans wait anxiously for summer, many tourists plan their summer trips in and through Germany and here are some tips for those who are planning a visit:

There are many good options to travel around such as trains, bus, planes and taking rides.
If you choose to travel by train, there are a few options: you can travel with the faster train (ICE) which is more expensive but much faster than the normal train and has less stops. If you're not worried about the long trip and want to save some money, the regular train is also a great option.

The bus is also a nice idea and usually also cheaper than the ICE trains. The cheapest option of all is probably hitchhiking with people already driving where you're planning to go. You can find them in many websites and apps here in Germany. Apps such as "bla bla car" or "mitfahrgelegenheit" (the second one charges a percentage of the people giving rides) are a great and safe option. You can read reviews and look for many aspects such as which car they drive, the fastest speed they drive, if they smoke, etc….

If you're looking for a flight great and cheap options are German Wings and Ryan air. Even though they have strict luggage policy and offer no trip luxuries the prices are many times very attractive (sometimes as cheap as 10 euros!).

I hope you enjoy the tips and have a great summer trip!
If you guys have any other tips you can leave them in the comments below! Looking forward to hear from you!!


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