Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Post!!!!

Hi guys!

So through this blog, I'd like to connect and help people who live in Germany or would like to move/visit here for some reason! I'll post tips, experiences, practical day-to-day things, adaptation struggles and what to expect for those who are planning to come. This is basically a sharing of my experiences as student, professional and most of all a person trying to adapt to a culture that's completely different from mine!

So here's some background information about me:

I am originally from Brazil but have lived and studied in America for 6 years previously to moving here. I moved in here as soon as I finished my Bachelors degree in International Relations and came speaking 0 German (which I definetely don't recommend!!!!). Had I known I would move in here, I would have started learning the language at least 6 months before!

So I guess here is my first tip for those who would like to come: LEARN GERMAN FIRST! The language is exremely hard and for most people it takes years to learn! I've been here for a little longer than 2 years and can still assure that my German is nowhere near perfect! I had the expectation that learning German would be like learning English: easy and fast, and must say I was really wrong! I also thought that using English everywhere would be no problem - many Germans do speak English but you will be at another level and much more respected when you are able to speak German. Plus, only speaking English shrinks your job opportunities very very much!

I've studied German at a language course (VHS- probably the most popular in all Germany) for about 2 years from Monday through Friday and finished at level B2. I can communicate but still make  grammatic mistakes and lack on formal vocabulary.

Next time I post I'll share some tips about renting apts here! Hope to have your feedback!

Bis dann!

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  1. Great post! The tips were awesome to me! Thanks for the help !