Friday, April 4, 2014

Some German Facts

Some curious German facts for you today:

-In Germany people go to sauna butt naked!!!!! 
And they don't care if it's a mixed sauna or a separated sauna they will go naked either way. Some cover up with a towel but basically most of them don't care if you see their intimate parts(!!!!).

-Beer is cheaper than water in most bars and restaurants

-Germans ALWAYS follow the rules
It's like they're meant for rules and it's not a bad thing just a very curious thing about Germans...there's no way around anything you either follow the rules or follow the rules.

-You have to pay to use the gas station toilets but you also get credit from it if you want to buy something at the convenience store.
For example: It costs 75cents to use the restroom and then you ger 50 cent credit (not that you can buy much with it but still...)

-Recycling is a reality
You have to recycle here. And everyone does it too! They separate the trash into: paper, plastic, compost and some places metal. There are also big containers to throw your glass bottles and jars in almost every street here. If you don't separate your trash correctly you can get a big fine from the government! 

-You have to hurry up at the supermarket line!!!
The cashiers are mega fast and efficient and people behind you will be upset while you might receive dirty looks if you don't pack right away so basically throw everything into the cart and run out of people's way! 

So now you guys know a little bit more about Germany :)
See you next time!


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