Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mai Woche

Good morning!

How are you doing this Sunday morning? I just woke up and don't feel so well :(
I was at a street party last night where I ate too much plus it was windy and my stomach hurts a little. I am happy to sleep in a little though since I've had people coming in very early to work on my pipes all week.

So the party we've had in my city is called Mai Woche and it's basically the same things like the famous Christmas markets minus the Gl├╝hwine and with slightly better weather (even though we are like in mid spring it's usually cold and rainy). There are a lot of music stages and food everywhere which is very fun and every city has something similar to that here in Germany. Germans love street parties and that is also in my opinion one of the most fun things here! Also, it's one of the times you can see Germans relax/smile and they even dance! So basically it's great! It will be going on all week and hopefully I'll come back this week and take some photos for you guys!

Have a wonderful Sunday today and enjoy Mother's Day if you're in Germany or somewhere else where they celebrate it today! A huge kiss for my own mom!

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