Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to get a German student visa

Hi guys!

Are you enjoying the weekend? I hope so! Today there was a night flea market in my city and I love those! The streets are flooded with people and many interesting things to see even though I usually don't buy things there...

So the post today is about one of the most frequent questions I get asked by friends and other students: How do I get my German student visa?

I guess the answer varies from country to country and some countries require more documents than others but I will explain what I needed which I think are the basic documents for all students outside the E.U. (as I said, some countries will need more documents than that). 
So first of all you have to find out if you can get in Germany and then proceed to do the student visa here or if you need to do it in your country before you come to Germany. 

In my case (coming from Brazil) it was possible to get in as a tourist and then do the student visa here (within 3 months) but I know the students from places such as Mexico and most eastern european countries outside the E.U. are not allowed to come in without having the visa in their home countries.

So, if you are in Germany already you have to go to a place called "Ausländerbehörde" (big name I know, but get used to those) and there they will advise you specifically on all the things you need. But no matter where you're from you'll need to have these documents:

-A proof of health insurance in Germany for the time of your studies, which means an insurance contract (a cheap one for students is DAK)
-Your address proof (as soon as you have a place to live you need to register in the city "Standesamt" and you will get a paper which will be your address proof
-A school contract (college, school, language course) saying you are signed up and accepted there to start studying
- Enough funds to support yourself for the year (they calculate about 600 euros per month for a student) or a sponsor letter from someone with a stable income saying they are responsable for you and for providing you with money when you need it.

So there is everything I needed as a student coming from Brazil and as I said, other countries may require more, but you can get informed online or on the Ausländerbehörde website.
Hope this was helpful! Have a great Sunday and until next post!!!



  1. So you need a bank statement proving you have money on an account?

  2. Exactly... they will then tell you a more precise amount according to your expenses and the time you plan on being here in Germany for :)